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How to Earn $100,000 Selling Hair through Dropship

How to Earn $100,000 Selling Hair through Dropship

There’s never been an easier path of entry to the beauty industry than becoming a online hair retailer. When I first started in the industry there were no coaches, webinars or platforms that even allowed access. Becoming a beauty mogul was reserved for the chosen few, but the playing field has now been leveled by the internet.

No longer is there a “secret society” holding information hostage. You can literally have a fully functioning business with a few clicks of a button and the money and time spent now can be dedicated to marketing and advertising your brand. And for that reason alone we have to love technology, simply embrace where we are and hit the ground running.

There’s no more excuses. If you want your own brand then the only person standing in your way is you. With as little as $2,000 you are in business.

The average online store owner has very little experience in the beauty industry. Most would think that you have to be a hair stylist to sell hair. As a company we dropship for over 100 brands throughout the U.S. and to my surprise over 75% of my customers are just entrepreneurs that purchased our hair, loved it and saw an opportunity to capitalize in their own market.

As an owner, I believe there’s enough room for all of us so, I offer dropship as a way of allowing other entrepreneurs the opportunities I wish I’d had 10 years ago when I simply sent customers to a beauty supply store to purchase hair because there weren’t any affordable vendors available.  Those days are over,  Pretty Hair Dropship offers membership access that allows an owner to have a customer order fulfilled without the hassle or investment of stocking hair. Pretty Hair Wholesale allows a new owner to receive deeper discounts, but still allowing a lower point of entry with a bundle order minimum of 20. No other company offered such discounts.

People lie, but numbers don’t! So, if you’ve been on the fence, but you’re ready to get dip your toe in the hair business then join our dropship program. It’s private labeled so, your customers always think the hair is coming from you. There’s no cost to stock inventory and we are never out of stock. We have systems in place that allow you to sell hair without ever having inventory. This enables you to grow a business and NEVER have the expense of overhead.

That’s two sales per day online and your business will generate over $100,000. Still on the fence? Follow me on Instagram @majasly or book a coaching call at I’ve failed so you don’t have to! Allow me to save you time and money.