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Need Volume? No problem!

Need Volume? No problem!

Big hair has always been a big trend, however it’s hard for some of us to jump on the bandwagon. It’s not that we don’t want to join the rest of the crowd, it’s just that we happen to suffer from the chronicles of flat hair. This can be a serious problem if you’re heartbroken about your dream of replicating Beyoncé’s Homecoming look because you don’t seem to have the hair to do it. Or maybe you have the hair to do it, but your hair is not thick enough. But wait...before you go cry yourself to sleep, I do have some good news for you (yay). The world has not ended yet and you can still achieve that fuller look! Whether you naturally have finer hair or you want your hair to appear thicker, these tips are here for you.

Tip #1 Add Layers to Your Hair 

Adding layers to hair has been one of the most common ways to “fake” a fuller look since like the ancient hair times. By layering your hair, you are inherently adding more dimension to your hair which in turn makes it appear to be thicker. On the other hand, you don’t want to overlayer it because too many layers will make your hair look a little botched. So, if you want to try this method, I would suggest going to a professional stylist for proper layering. But hold your scissors... if you don’t want to cut your hair, you can always choose to cut your extensions instead (if you have any) or if you’re not into the whole cutting thing, don’t worry about it, this method is just not for you.

Tip #2 Switch Your Part 

Switching your part is one of the easiest ways to thicker hair and there’s really no big commitment here. If you’re like me and you literally part your hair the same way all the time, then using this method could be a good change for you. When you constantly part your hair in the same direction, your hair begins to get a little to comfortable, so it kinda settles. And by setting I mean it naturally appears to be flatter, so changing your part will make it look thicker. In this method, you can easily achieve a new look in a matter of seconds (with the help of your handy dandy comb). 

Tip #3 Get Some Extensions!!!

This last tip is a little more self explanatory: just get extensions. There are numerous ways you can approach the extension method: you could join the sew-in club, get some clip-ins or simply invest in a wig. If you’re having a little trouble picking out the perfect hair for you, Pretty Hair is here to fulfill all of your hair ‘s wildest dreams. We have numerous options for you, ranging from the Brazilian Silky Straight to the Brazilian Kinky Curly. With a click of a button, you can be on step closer to fuller and thicker hair.