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Sell Hair and Double Your Income as a Stylist

Sell Hair and Double Your Income as a Stylist

"If you’re a booth renting stylist, salon suite renter or salon owner you are missing out on a huge revenue stream if you’re not selling hair to your existing customers. It’s no longer an option for you to sit back and allow others to profit off of your existing client base. If you want to grow your business, but don’t want to necessarily do more clients then retailing product is the answer to your prayers."

You’d be shocked to learn that you only need to sell to an average of eight customers per week to generate an additional $100,000 in revenue per year for your business. Sounds to good to be true doesn’t it? Well, I’m here to tell you that the numbers don’t lie and the math is very simple.

  • 8 customers X $250 = $104,000

Math is an exact science so, I love showing this example because most will think you have to sell a ton of hair to generate six figures, but I train and coach stylist daily using this simple formula. Most think it can’t be done in a small market or in a big city where the market is oversaturated, but my own business model is living proof. You can sell hair in any market and as long as you have a quality product priced competitively, you’ll never have a shortage of customers.

People buy from people not just based on price alone so, put yourself in position and simply let your customers know that you will now offer hair for purchase along with their services. The hair will oftentimes sell itself because customers like convenience. They trust you and they buy what you recommend each time you send them to someone else’s site or the local beauty supply and you don’t make a penny off of that referral so, why wouldn’t you offer hair… I’ll wait! ( That was question) 🙂


The long and the short is this… the industry is changing and your talent alone is not enough to make six figures behind the chair. You need to sell a product and hair yields one the best margins. Your  customers will purchase two-three times per year even if the hair still looks great so, what are you waiting for!

Maja Sly


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