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Welcome to Pretty Hair

Welcome to Pretty Hair

This picture is from the set of my biggest business accomplishment to date. Pretty Hair premiered the first infomercial for hair extensions produced, directed and owned by an African-American and that person just so happened to be me, Maja Sly.

As a child I always loved infomercials. I loved the way you could buy things and you didn’t have to leave your home. Watching those 20-30 minutes shows made me dream that one day I’d be on television.

Well, I landed on television with WeTV’s hit reality show, Cutting it in the ATL. The show became a fan favorite and followed the lives of five beauty bosses in Atlanta, GA. I must say, that I was hesitant to do reality television, but I have to admit that it’s the BEST DECISION I’ve ever made for my business. The platform was amazing and grew not only my salon chain of Walk-in Weaves, but it also exploded my online business for hair extensions, Pretty Hair.

Pretty Hair Infomercial

The fans were able to see me grow my business right before their eyes and what I found after the show premiered was that the television medium is unlike any other. The viewers got to know me and what I discovered was the longer I was “in scene” (on air) during the show..the more hair we sold! So, during the second season of the show, I decided to take the business to another level and shoot the infomercial and put my business on television uninterrupted.

It was a huge undertaking, but the experience was amazing. Pretty Hair is now sold all over the world and I’m so happy that like everything else, I took a chance and bet on myself and my business.

Pretty Hair is not just a business for me, but my passion. This blog is created to allow you to go on a journey with me and my business as we help not only our customers but also other beauty professionals and entrepreneurs learn how to advantage of all the opportunities and options available in the beauty industry.

Hugs and Love,

Maja Sly