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Why Bundle Deals are the Best Bang for Your Buck!

Why Bundle Deals are the Best Bang for Your Buck!

If you’re a hair connoisseur then you probably like to try a brand out before purchasing. The only problem with "testing" hair is that it can get pretty expensive. Most companies online don’t offer samples and to be quite honest the average online hair store can’t afford to send samples because the hair is not free and to simply send hair to any and everyone would put them out of business.

But, there is a little trick I’ve learned and have used with other online retailers so, it’s a practice we’ve implemented at Pretty Hair and it’s called the BUNDLE DEAL! The bundle deal allows our customer to purchase more hair with a discount already built-in the price. The discount averages between $10-$20 off the total order depending on the length, but there’s also extra savings extended because the customer can also take an additional discount at checkout when coupon codes are available.

When using a combined code with “BUNDLE DEALS” you’re able to save as much as $40 off an order… JACKPOT!

At Pretty Hair we believe quality should never be sacrificed. Buying cheap hair that tangles and mats is actually more expensive over time versus buying a quality product that is long lasting and reusable. Because I’m a product of the product it’s easy to stand behind the what I sell.

If you’re new to Pretty Hair then it’s my hope that you’ll give us a try and take advantage of all the great promotions and discounts extended to members of the Pretty Hair family.

Use code info10 to save when you’re ready!