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Have You Ever Wanted to Start Your Own Hair Company?

Have You Ever Wanted to Start Your Own Hair Company?

I’m so excited to introduce Be Your Own Hair Boss (BYOHB) by Pretty Hair. With over $8 billion dollars of hair sold across the globe it took me years and years to develop the relationships needed to not only launch my business, but grow the brand and sell hair all over the world. The amount of money that must be spent is typically what scares the average person looking to entire the hair business because ordering from the cheapest manufacturer on AliExpress is the fastest way to put you out of business before you even get started.

Being an owner of a chain of salons allowed me the opportunity to battery test hair in a way that most don’t. We see as many as 300-400 clients per week at Walk-in Weaves. That built-in clientele allowed the retail company access to customers that could give us feedback on the quality and since most of our clients are serviced bi-monthly we’re able to honestly tell our e-commerce clients how long a bundle will last with normal wear and tear.

There’s no guessing game when you use Pretty Hair as your vendor. We’re a black-owned company based in Atlanta. With your membership we have retail stores that also allow local pick-up. Your only job is to promote and brand yourself with our Be Your Own Hair Boss program. Unlike Mayveen, you will promote and sell your own brand. We send all of your orders out private label and you never have any money tied up in inventory. You only pay us once an order has been completed with you.

No website? No problem! BYOHB is your one stop shop. We will help you design your logo and have your site live within 7 business days. All sites are pre-loaded with access to all of the inventory we carry so, you’re never out of stock. You set your prices based on your market and there’s no minimum order. For the reduced membership fee of $19.99 you can start your business with your semi-custom website for less than $500.

Pretty Hair is my brand and it has brought me great joy growing this business over the last five years. I want others to experience the same pride and financial freedom and with the BYOHB program you’re only a few clicks away from being a #BOSS!