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Being a student of history I’ve always admired and looked up to Madame C.J. Walker and all she accomplished in the beauty industry as a pioneer, entrepreneur, and an African American woman. Beyond the pages of my history book, I was blessed to have a talented stylist and trailblazer in my immediate family who exposed me to beauty via weaves and hair extensions. My late uncle, Vallard Anderson, was ahead of his time installing weaves in my hometown of Panama City, Florida. His worked was admired by many, long before it became mainstream to wear extensions.
At the tender age of twelve, he took me under his wings and taught me everything he knew. Little did I know, I would later utilize this skill to earn money throughout college doing hair in my dorm room. By the time my senior year rolled around, I’d worked at a salon for two years and realized that my love for hair wasn’t just a hobby, it was a calling.
Inspired by my forerunners and armed with a formal education in business, I forged ahead to establish the Pretty Hair brand made for African American women by an African American woman. Pretty Hair is an example of my ongoing quest to defy the odds in the beauty industry. Until now, the finest 100% Premium Virgin Hair was only available to a selected few and the ones who did carry the product were not equipped to educate consumers on hair quality.
I’ve seen my share of “really bad” hair as a stylist and owner-operator of Walk-In Weaves. What I soon discovered was that customers could not afford to purchase good quality hair for their desired look. There had to be a better way.
Through various meetings with our Pretty Hair production and pricing team, we bring to you the finest in 100% Premium Virgin Hair…affordable and accessible to you nationwide. Our product offering is carefully selected by our Pretty Hair experts ranging from Brazilian body wave, deep wave, kinky curl or straight and at a price point you will love. I don’t believe that beauty is reserved for a chosen few. We’re dedicated to providing something for every woman.
Our commitment to success comes from basic principles and practices I learned from being a stylist. When you put your customers first, they are always your best form of advertisement. So please, tell a friend!