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How to Achieve a Tangle-Free Weave!

How to Achieve a Tangle-Free Weave!

Yep, no more tangling, matting and shedding and here’s how you do it!

Wearing hair extensions for as long as I have I’ve learned a few things along the way that have not only saved me time in the morning styling my extensions, but it has also saved me tons and tons of money. Maintaining your extension can be costly, but with proper care you will increase the wear and longevity of your purchase,  which translate into money saved. Woohoo!

First, a proper install is where is starts. It’s best to install your extension on an oil-free scalp. Putting any type of oil will eventually cause your extensions to become oily because the oil from the scalp will “bleed” and oil is an the enemy of weave.

Product usage should be kept to a minimum. If you’ve purchased a great quality brand like “Pretty Hair” (shameless plug) then you won’t need any product at all on the weave. If you leave any of your natural hair out to cover the install then a light oil to to help with fly away’s and a little edge control for blend is all you’ll need to give the install a seamless and natural look.

When shampooing the hair it’s best to use a sulfate-free shampoo. You are cleaning the hair and an oil based shampoo with cause the hair to tangle and that causes shedding. A simple cleansing shampoo is all you need. Rub a conditioner through after the shampoo to soften and rinse within minutes and make sure you rinse the hair thoroughly to remove all product.

Last, but not least…a silk scarf is your weaves best friend. Sleeping in a silk or satin scarf will maintain not only your natural hair, but will also help extend the shine and luster of the install.